Sunday, November 16, 2014

weekend with Lady!

My mom made a last minute decision to drive over to Birmingham for a weekend visit and we were so excited! She brought lots of fun activity books that kept the littles entertained for a good 2 hours!

We played hard and had so much fun with Lady!

Friday afternoon we had our family pictures so Lady tagged along. It was crazy cold (like the high was 35) so while we waited for our photographer to get there we stayed warm and cozy in the car.

After our pictures we promised the kids a trip to the toy store. Emma put Minnie Mouse in this shopping cart and kept telling us she was going to cook Minnie. She would just go to the toy kitchen and cook with Minnie but she had us laughing so hard.

She's so basic...faux fur vest, Ugg boots, denim tunic, coffee (hot chocolate) cup. Love my girl.

A sneak peek of our pictures from my mom's phone. We didn't get many smiles from the kids because it was so frigid, but we still got some great pictures!

That evening we ordered sushi to go for dinner and Emma was loving the grilled edamame.

These are all out of order but oh well...a picture of the girls after shopping in the toy store.

Oh and another one out of order...Hudson and John practicing smiles in the car before pictures. Love my boys!

Saturday morning we got up and went out to eat for breakfast and afterwards we went to the park for a good 2 hours. We had so much fun running and playing.

That afternoon Lady and I went shopping while the kids napped and brought home Mexican food. Everyone was happy! :)

It was such a fun weekend with Lady! We love when she comes to visit.

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