Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Before I get into our Halloween this year...look at how my babies have changed!!!! 

We had a wonderful Halloween. Both kids got it this year and had so much fun putting their costumes on and trick-or-treating. Plus...mommy didn't break her ankles! 

Halloween afternoon we did a little last minute pumpkin carving.

My kids hate the guts.

Once kids hating the guts.

That evening we went to some friends house to eat and trick-or-treat with them. Emma became friends with their neighbor's dog.

Three sweet friends sharing pizza. It was FREEZING that night. Poor Hudson in his short sleeves.

One of the mistakes we made last year was waiting until it was dark to go out. We didn't know since it was our first year taking our kids trick-or-treating. But this year we were knocking on doors before the sun went down and it was so nice!

Hudson became a pro.

Our sweet family. Love them. (Last minute Rosie the Riveter costume was a cinch to throw together!)

We ran into Hudson's sweet friend, Mary Katherine, trick-or-treating. They're both pirates. :)

Emma was done at this point. Hudson was too busy to stop for a picture. Ha!

I think Emma actually went up to less than 5 houses. She was happy with her candy stash at that point.

Holidays with kids are SO MUCH more fun! 

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