Sunday, November 9, 2014

surprise getaway!

My sweet husband surprised me with a night away! He arranged everything and I found out about it 2 hours before we left. He borrowed this Mercedes for our trip...or 20 minute drive! 

We enjoyed our favorite honeymoon snack on the way. Dr Pepper for John, Diet Coke for me, and Haribo gummy bears to share. We ate this little snack several times on our honeymoon and it's become a very nostalgic treat for us.

Convertible selfie!

The view from our room...

We checked into our hotel and relaxed for a little bit and then headed down to the spa for couples massages! Heavenly.

After our massages we spent some time in the spa relaxing (separate because it was a spa) but still so nice. That evening we got cleaned up and then went to dinner in our hotel. It was delicious!

Breakfast the next morning......YUM! 

Heading home! Such a fun 24 hours kid free with my man!

We stayed at a resort & spa here in Birmingham. It was so fun to get a way but still be close to home. Our kids didn't miss us at all. They had the best time with Mrs. Donna and then E&B. So thankful for my sweet and thoughtful husband and wonderful friends who love our kids. 

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