Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hencation 2014

So, my hens. Amanda, Jen, Brit, and Whit. With the exception of my sister, I met these girls on Twitter a few years ago. The 5 of us started group texting about a year and a half ago and have texted every single day since. Seriously, we have not gone a day without talking. It's amazing how 5 people in 3 different states became best friends so quickly. When we first started texting I still lived in Texas. I met Amanda a few times because she lives in McKinney so it was easy to get together when I went to visit my family. Then we moved to Birmingham last summer. Jen lives about an hour from Birmingham so I was so thankful to be close to her. Brittany lives in Washington. Pretty much Canada. So until this weekend we had never met in person. Almost a year ago we started planning our trip. It made sense to have the first one in Dallas since Whitney and Amanda both live there. I could go and take my kids to visit my family. Unfortunately, Jen wasn't able to come and we missed her so much. So...there's our relationship in a nutshell. Not conventional, but these girls are my soul sisters and I am so thankful for them every single day.

So Brit got into town and one of the first things we had her do was eat queso. She'd never had it. And she loved it. Duh.

Amanda, Brit, Whit, and me. Thursday night we hung out at Amanda's house. We had to work around kids this trip but we still had the best time.

Friday morning we all met up to get manis and pedis. Then Whit, Brit, Linc, and I went to downtown McKinney for some shopping and pie. Best pie ever.

I love LOVE downtown McKinney.

Friday night we had a girls night in at Lady's house. We ate tons of Thai food and they kept me up until midnight. ha! I was falling asleep on the couch. #oldlady

Saturday we went shopping and then checked into a hotel for a fun girls night OUT! 

Dinner at Mexican Sugar. Best street corn ever. 

Love these girls so much.

Headed back to our hotel, delirious and exhausted. Such a fun night.

Sunday morning we went to brunch and had pretty much the worst experience ever. But the company was perfect. 

I can't wait until our next hencation. Because Jen will be there! :)

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