Friday, September 6, 2013

more summer fun!

ICYMI, I'm not giving up on blogging. I'm going back to June and posting about all the things that happened this summer. Hang in there with me as I get all caught up. I'm almost done though. :)

I think this might be my last generic summer photo dump. 

A couple weeks after we moved here a new farmer's market opened across the street from our house. They have wonderful produce and we have gone at least once a week since they opened!

John was gone for a week on the Chapel Choir tour to Washington D.C. and when he got back we spent a little bit of time in his office. He needed to work on a song for church so I helped unpack boxes and Hudson jammed along with him.

Emma James LOVES avocado.

One of the {many} things I miss about HEB is the grocery carts. There is a double seat so instead of having to drive this huge monster of a cart. But the kids both love it.

Another picture of Emma eating. Food makes her happy.

And another farmer's market trip. Everything is so good. 

my whole heart

Hudson was obsessed with the cantaloupe from the farmer's market.

Lovie and pacis...she's all set for bed.

One of the things Emma learned to do this summer is pull up. She's growing way too fast.

They love to play together in Emma's crib. Not Hudson's. Neither of them enjoy playing in his bed. Ha! Here Hudson was sucking on one of Emma's pacis.

Her eyes. 

For 3 Sundays in August, we had each grade of the Chapel Choir over to our house for lunch after church. After Hudson's nap, he discovered the leftover ice. He loves ice.

He also loved the dippin dots that we had at those lunches.

Hudson isn't very excited about Emma's love for his piano.

About 45 seconds before this was taken the sunroom was picked up and organized.

A trip to the farmer's market.

Hudson and Emma have started wrestling together. She is actually more aggressive than he is. Ha!


She acquired a new lovie. She really cuddles with her Lambie and Piggie and it melts my heart.

A family date night at Little Donkey. The food was delicious and we sat outside on the patio where it was almost cool. 

I love that it looks like they are playing school here. They weren't though. :)

Swinging in the park. She's wearing onesie with an appliqu├ęd butterfly and pom pom fringe on the sleeves and was called a boy. Huh?

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