Thursday, August 29, 2013

summer randoms

ICYMI, I'm not giving up on blogging. I'm going back to June and posting about all the things that happened this summer. Hang in there with me as I get all caught up.

At the beginning of June, Patrick, Courtney, and Ethan were driving from Waco back to North Carolina. We are so excited that Birmingham is a halfway point for them! It was great seeing our best friends. 

Spending some time together watching a video on the iPad.

Hudson is always very quick to remind us when we need to pray.

Hilarious...he wasn't falling, just trying to get out. 

Fun in the backyard. This was right before Emma started crawling so it was a lot easier to play outside.

My sweet littles before our second Sunday. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them on our first Sunday.

The eyes. 

This picture was taken towards the end of a really long week. John was in D.C. with the Chapel Choir and the kids and I were in Birmingham alone. Hudson's 2 year molars started coming in which made him sick and Emma's bottom 2 teeth came in. She also started crawling that week. 

While I was taking one of Emma's monthly pictures, Hudson jumped up in the chair with her. This was SO RARE. He rarely sits still for a picture, let alone one in a chair with his sister.

Our first time using the beast cart at Target. 

My new friend Jen (who I met through Twitter and lives in the area) came up to our house with her kids one day. Her twins, JP and Jocelynn are 19 months old and Maddie is 4 months old. I am so thankful for Jen and her friendship!

After John got back from the Chapel Choir trip, our house got toilet papered by some of the students. We take it as a sign of love. ;)

John and I got to have a date night and he drove me up to the top of the "mountain" to see the view of downtown. 

Everyday, John will tell Hudson all the ways he's proud of him. Things from, picking up toys to giving good hugs. It lasts for a couple of minutes and it's such a precious time. 

Alright, that was random enough. :)

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