Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hudson and Mommy Road Trip

A couple weeks ago John went to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a conference. He has been going every January for the past 7 or 8 years. This was the first year he's gone that I haven't been working. That week is usually a lot of quality time with myself at home in the evenings but this year Hudson and I packed up and headed to McKinney to visit my family.

On the way down there we had some major rain. Hudson did amazing in the car and slept from Victoria to Houston. We made a stop in Houston at a Subway for lunch. 

And our second stop was in Madisonville at Bucee's. I was so proud that we only had to make 2 stops both ways! 

Hudson tasted yogurt for the first time at my mom's house. He loved it!

Hudson started crawling the Sunday before we left (January 22) but really was able to perfect it at my mom's house on her carpet.

We spent Friday with Papa Jim searching for the perfect big boy carseat. Hudson was a big hit at Lone Star Baby in Frisco. He got to crawl around and was loved on by the ladies there. :)

After Lone Star Baby, Papa Jim took us to Costco to stock up on some diapers, wipes and other good stuff.

Friday night Lady, Aunt Whitney and me all had a girls night. We went and got manis and pedis and Uncle Mark stayed and babysat Hudson. They had so much fun even though Hudson got a little fussy towards the end. 

Here's Hudson in action!

 Saturday we did some shopping with Lady. Hudson wore his adorable Pumpkin Butter Kids shirt!

Getting some love outside of Buy Buy Baby.

Hudson absolutely loved this piano in the kids section of Neiman Marcus.

Giving Lady kisses at Nordstrom.

And by the time we got to Pottery Barn he was wiped out!

Oliver came also and loved his time with Huck. 

Sunday we had lunch with Papa Jim at Panera. Hudson was a big time flirt at lunch with all the people around us. 

Then it was nap time at Papa Jim's.

John got home about 30 minutes after we did on say he missed Hudson is an understatement. :)

While we were in McKinney we also got to meet Katy and Pearson for lunch and a play date! Those pictures are still on my camera and won't upload to my computer because I'm out of space. So those are coming soon. :)


  1. I spy those little Snaps!!! Did you go to Toys Unique and get some?

  2. Looks like a fun week! I love the pic of H all cashed out in his stroller w/his foot up! too cute! :)

  3. Next time your up we should get together..

    I love Ella's Kitchen.. Well, let me rephrase I personally have no opinion but Chelsi loves them.. Only baby food she thinks should be near her. HA

    I love how he is relaxing in his stroller..


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