Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big Boy Car Seat

My sweet boy isn't feeling well. We are staying home from church this morning hoping he doesn't spread any germs or get any worse. 

Last month while Hudson and I were in McKinney we ordered his big boy car seat with Papa Jim. (Thanks PJ!)

It came in last week and I just had to put him in it to see how he looked. He looked so small and wasn't sure what to think!

I'm thinking we might wait until he officially outgrows his infant carrier before we move him. I thought I wanted to do it sooner, but I still like the option of carrying him in it. (which we RARELY do because he is so stinking heavy!)

Our Peg Perego infant seat goes up to 30 pounds or 30 inches. He's about 28 1/2 inches so we still have a little bit of time before we make the switch. 


  1. You are right he does look so little in it. Chelsi is heavy in hers. Those car seats in my opinion are just heavy. I have this little snap & go stroller that just holds the car seat. I use that when she is in it. We don't let her ride in the baskets in stores even if I wipe them down because she has been sick a lot in her life. I want to get a cover but haven't found one yet.

    Hope Hudson feels better soon.. Hugs

  2. Haha, he definitely looks like he doesn't know what to think of this new seat!

    Eli is getting super heavy in his carrier too and he's not yet 15 pounds. Those carriers are an arm workout!

  3. I didn't realize what a big change the big car seat would be. There is SO much in and out when you are running errands. Hadley did awesome with the transition, I'm sure Hudson will too. The only thing we have going on now is that I think she is bored rear-facing. She doesn't sleep everytime we are in the car like she used to, and she is definitely struggling back there with nothing to look at or engage her. I've looked for stuff to entertain her, but she drops it and I can't reach it while driving. Funny how each phase gets a little easier and harder at the same time.
    Is that a Marathon? We looked at those, long and hard but opted for the slimmer Radian. I couldn't see over the Britax in my car-I was bummed-I wanted the cow print! : )


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