Monday, October 27, 2008

Free CG

I love Monday mornings. Monday mornings mean free common grounds coffee. That's the best thing about a Monday morning at 8:00 am. Free CG. I also got a front row parking spot. That's really great also. (If you know Baylor you know what I mean.) Even now that I have a Faculty/Staff parking sticker parking still isn't great. I heard that Baylor is going to start making staff pay for parking. Ugh.
Oh well, we had a great weekend..pumpkin carving with the Broaddus', I made my first pot roast, and on Sunday our church had a service project and we went into the community to serve. It was a great weekend. I promise to have pictures up later. Happy Monday.
xo, lindsay

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  1. do you remember going there our senior year in high school when we went to fall premier?!? haha! I think CG was my first coffee shop experience! :)


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