Monday, October 6, 2008

Hey, Can I Buy You a Drink?

**update: A couple of people have asked where we found these. John bought the Jones Sodas at Skinny's.

It all started with a craving. No, I'm not pregnant. John wanted a Diet Dr Pepper. Actually, he wanted milk. But he went for the Dr Pepper instead. We stopped at the corner store by our place and he went inside to get his beverage. I waited in the car. I watched from the car as he went down an isle and then towards the register. He then began chatting it up with the check out lady. Apparently she's quite the sales person. She asked John if he was really going to charge less than $2 on his debit card and suggested he purchase a Jones Soda. As soon as he saw the Jones Soda he was sold. He bought both but you can only pick, which soda would you drink? {Not necessarily who you are voting for.}
*You Google Readers get out of there and vote in the poll!

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