Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Weeks Old are 2 weeks old!

(for those you worried...I'm not going to do weekly posts forever...just until he is 1 month old)


This week has been interesting at night for sure. You wake up around 2:00 and are WIDE awake! It takes usually at least an hour and a half to get you back asleep.


Tuesday you finally latched on the other side. You still have one that you prefer over the other, but we are working on that. I'm just thankful to have a break on that side. :)


You are becoming more alert and are spending more time awake during the day. You still sleep a ton, but it's nice to see your beautiful eyes more!


We have your newborn pictures tomorrow and I'm a little nervous about how you will do. You have not put yourself on a schedule yet and when you are hungry you let us all know but I also can't wait for your newborn photo shoot.


Last night your Daddy sang just about the entire soundtrack to The Sound of Music to you and it worked like a charm to get you to calm down. You aren't usually fussy, but you've had a few bouts of it this week.


Yesterday you met your Uncle Scott, Aunt Melanie and cousins Topher and Ellie. They all loved you and you made your first trip to Chick-fil-A. You slept the entire time which Mommy was very thankful for. She wasn't ready to feed you in public yet. (under the Hooter Hider of course)


On Monday we took you back to the hospital so you could have your 2nd PKU test. I HATED holding you down when they did the heel prick. It was not fun and I did shed a few tears. I'm not looking forward to shots.

Monday you also went with Mommy and Daddy to Sears so we could buy a new refrigerator. We kept you covered up in the stroller and you just slept the whole time.


Hudson, we love you so much and our lives are so much better now that you are here. You change every day and we are loving watching you grow and develop!



  1. Making me so excited... what a sweet baby boy!!! Hope you are doing well too Momma!!

  2. Love the blog post Lindsay ... Hudson is such a cutie. And, I promise the PKU test is way worse than any vaccinations! :-)

  3. Ava loved Sound of Music too. It was the only way to calm her in the car. We got so sick of singing it that we finally broke down and bought the CD. Keep updating weekly as long as you want. Hudson is just a doll.

  4. can't believe it's been 2 weeks! Hudson is such a cutie! Wish we could have a play date! ;)


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