Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Long, Productive Weekend

Since this weekend is already started I figured I should update on our weekend last week.

We spent this past weekend in McKinney visiting my family. We also had a lot of baby shopping planned. I brought my camera but unfortunately did not get a single picture. We were too busy having fun I guess. I hate that though. I'm going to have to get a lot better about taking pictures especially after the little one gets here! So this recap is wordy and probably boring, but is for my memory.

We got to McKinney around lunch time on Thursday and went straight to my parent's house. We brought Oliver along for the ride mostly so that he could play with my parent's dog, Huck. We dropped Oliver off and then went with my mom to Brio's for lunch. (My dad was out of town but got back that night.) Oh that place. I got the roasted sweet potato and chicken risotto. So good.

We went to a couple of baby boutiques in Allen and downtown McKinney. We saw lots of cute things at both places, but didn't leave with anything. We were looking for specific things for Hudson's nursery...a rug, lamp, things for the walls, a glider and ottoman and dresser. We also went to Target to add a few more things to our registry.

Thursday night we met my family for dinner at Sauce in downtown McKinney. It was me, John, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend Betsy and Whitney got to come also. Unfortunately her hubby was out of town so he couldn't join us but we all had a great time. It was our first time meeting Mark's girlfriend and we loved her so much.

Friday my mom and I were back out shopping again. Mom just got a new MacBook Pro so John stayed home to get it set up for her and then met us later. We went to Lone Star Baby where I found our stroller. John and I had originally thought we wanted another stroller, but we decided against it for a few reasons. I was so glad to find one that I love.

Mom and I had a yummy lunch at Gloria's (one of my faves!) and then went to Pottery Barn Kids where we did most of our damage. :) We got curtains (which ended up being a disaster), letters to spell out his name above the crib, and a lamp. By this point John was able to meet up with us so he and I went to Buy Buy Baby to pick out our glider and ottoman (we used 2 20% off coupons and saved a ton!).

Here is our glider...imagine it in white though. The ottoman matches, but an ottoman is an ottoman.

Friday night mom cooked dinner at home and Mark, Betsy and my sister came back over for dinner and games. 

Saturday we went to one last baby store before going to Grapevine to see Whitney and Jonathan's new apartment. I say new because we havne't seen it yet but they've been there since June. At the baby store we got 3 painted canvases for the wall in his room and a rug that I am so excited about! I can't wait for everything to come in so we can see it all together. 

We had lunch in downtown Grapevine and then went to Whitney's BFF's bakery for cupcakes and the best cake ball I've ever had in my life. Unfortunately due to our long drive back to Victoria we had to get on the road but we had the best time with my family. 

We stopped at Ikea in Round Rock to get Hudson's dresser and then had impromptu dinner with John's dad, stepmom, sister, aunt and uncle at Threadgill's. I'll share more pictures soon of Hudson's nursery so far. We are getting close!

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