Monday, March 14, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

*This weekend was pretty low key. The number 1 project was to work in Hudson's room. I wanted to get everything that is his that we have so far and organize it in his room and have only his stuff in his room. Because his room was our catch all room since we bought the house (in May) there were still a few items in the closet that needed to be moved out. I also moved the crib and dresser and I think I like it better in this spot. It's hard because where the only full wall is where the crib is. The other 2 walls have windows and then the 4th wall is the door coming in and his closet. Thoughts? (there is a window to the left of the dresser, oh and ignore the blinds...those are going to be replaced!)


*I was loving that last night it was still light outside around 7:15. Oliver (the dog) loves it because he can play outside longer.

*If Hudson were to come today (I'm only 26 1/2 weeks so hopefully not!) he would have a place to sleep but nothing to wear or any diapers. That stresses me out a little.

*Ever since I got pregnant my breakfast has been pretty much the same thing. 3 egg whites (cooked like a fried egg though, not scrambled), a whole wheat english muffin with light cream cheese and orange juice. The only time I don't have this is when I need to go grocery shopping.

*We only have 6 free weekends between now and when Hudson gets here. That is CRAZY to me!


  1. We have that same dresser - only in brown to match our crib. I love it!

  2. Very cute room.

    You have time....the diapers and cute clothes will come....

    Enjoy these last months of pregnancy. Time will fly.


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