Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adventures in Registering

Last night we went to Target to register. I have my first shower later this month and knew invitations would be going out soon. Target would be listed as a place we were registered so we had to get on that.

Before we registered at Babies R Us in December our last experience with registering was about 6 years ago when we were creating our wedding registry. Things are totally different this time around.

First of all, a baby registry is very different from a wedding registry – duh. Two, our relationship is very different. We communicate so much better now. When we registered at Target for our wedding registry there were a few arguments. It was stressful. Last night, not a single argument. I won’t say that it wasn’t stressful or overwhelming because let’s face it, we have no idea what kind of diapers, bottles, pacifiers, baby shampoo, diaper rash ointment, etc. will be the best fit for our son. We registered for things that I had read about and they had great reviews or went off of recommendations from friends.

One thing we did NOT register for...

We decided to take a quick break and tested out patio furniture.

Where's Waldo, I mean John?

Then last night after we got home I asked on facebook (one of my sources for baby research) how many diapers he will go through and was SHOCKED when I heard things from 9 to millions a day. I am pretty sure I will be wiping a bum pretty much non-stop.

Anyway, we had so much fun picking out things for Hudson. And just like when we were doing our wedding registry, John was the designated gun shooter.


  1. Confession: I would have killed for that first little item when I was nursing Ava. Since I was teaching, I pumped while my kiddos were at PE/Art/Music and needed to be returning emails and grading papers while pumping. You cannot imagine how long it takes to peck out an email with one hand while trying to hold the pump onto both sides - near impossible. Maybe that's too much information for this blog audience, but it's the honest truth. Unless you're staying home you really might want to run back and register for it!

  2. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog and had to leave a comment regarding diapers. Order them from Amazon! You can join Amazon Mom (for free) and it allows you not only free 2 day shipping but also 30% off diapers! There have also been 20% or $10 Amazon coupons good towards diapers in different parenting magazines lately. This is what we do for diapers now and save tons. Hope this helps and CONGRATS!!

  3. Lindsay,
    For some reason registering for bottles totally stressed me out, I just couldn't wrap my head around that. Lame. But, some advice I got that worked out great for us was to register for three types of bottles. If you get them all (you will likely get a wide variety at your showers), open one box at a time. If the first type work for you, great! Then you can take the others back. If not, just go through one box at a time until you find what bottles work best. Having the option to take them back is AWESOME! Also, since BRU will take back anything that is on your registry, after your showers you can go online and register for items you got (that may be different from what you registered for) and then take them back without a receipt. Just some tricks I learned to get out from having a million blankets when I needed so many other things! Have so much fun!!!

  4. I completely agree about the bra. Pumping at work is a huge labor of love, anything you can do to make it easier, I would! I don't know that I Would register for it, but I'd certainly pick one up for yourself if you'll be working or blogging while pumping!

  5. The pumping bra is a lifesaver!!!! Looks crazy but it does the job! Hands down, best thing I bought! You'll want to multitask while your pumping :)! Congrats to you guys!!!!


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