Tuesday, August 7, 2012

gulf shores 2012 {part 1}

Last week we spent 7 wonderful days in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Well, technically our beach house was in Orange Beach but they are pretty much the same. This trip was a little different than our last one 2 years ago. Hudson added a whole new dynamic! It was so fun watching him experience the beach for the first time.

Hudson was a HUGE fan of the stairs in the house. He masted going up stairs several months ago but this week he learned how to go down. 

Hudson's first time out to the beach was so fun. He wasn't sure what to think of everything.

And my camera was so blurry from the humidity. As soon as we stepped outside it fogged up so most of these are going to be blurry.

He didn't mind the sand at all. He wasn't too sure about the water at first but grew to love it.

He loved the way it tasted! Ha! He kept sticking his fingers in it and tasting it. 

Lady was sharing some bread with Hudson so he shared kisses with her. This boy loves bread! (and yes, my child has a pink sippy cup. the pink part was covered up by the packaging when we bought it.) :)

Hudson loves anyone who will sit and read books to him and his Uncle Mark did a lot of that with him.

Another trip out to the beach. 

Hudson bounces on command. All you have to say is "bouncy bounce" and he will stop and bounce. Lady and Aunt Whit joined in on the bouncy fun.

So these posts don't get out of control huge I'm breaking them up. More later. :)

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  1. Glad y'all had a wonderful time at the beach..

    Looks like Hudson had lots of fun and lots of people to entertain. :)


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