Friday, August 31, 2012

Emma has a birth date!

Or at least we have an end in sight. We had my 30 week appointment this morning and scheduled her c-section for Friday, November 2.

It's good to know I won't be pregnant on Saturday, November 3. I'm also nervous about the date that we scheduled.

My water broke at 6 am when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Hudson. I'm not sure how much that has to do if/when I go into labor with #2 but if I repeat the same thing with Emma, she will be born on Halloween.

I was really hoping my doctor would have said, "ok, when would you like to have this baby?" and I would have responded, "October 30!" Even though I knew that was a stretch because I would be 38wk6d pregnant that point, it would have been what I would have picked.

I have nothing against Halloween. I love the holiday. I like to celebrate Halloween, not "fall dress up day" or whatever else it could be called. My kids will trick-or-treat. (did I prove my point I'm not against Halloween?) I just don't want any of my kiddos to have a birthday on a holiday. Any holiday. I want their day to be their own. Make sense?

So enough about that. Everything else checked out great at our appointment and we go back in 2 weeks. I seriously can't believe we are at the every 2 week appointments point of this pregnancy.

And because I was asked by so we are at 30 weeks. Whoa baby!


  1. I agree with the whole holiday/birthday thing. I don't want our kids to have a birthday on a holiday. I share my birthday with my little brother, and it's never been MY day, because I share it with someone. I guess you kind of have that now that you have the same b-day as Hudson. Anyways. I'll say a little pray that Emma decides to come on your prefered date Oct. 30th or that she waits for her scheduled c-section. So crazy that you have a true end in sight!!!

  2. You made me laugh about you explaining you aren't against Halloween. Bad thing now I hurt. Ha

    I don't blame you for not wanting your children to have a holiday birthday.

    I'm so excited for you!! November 2nd is AWESOME but October 30th would of been better I'm sure.

    You are so pretty! Glad to see a picture of Miss Emma.. ;)

  3. I am right there with ya! This baby is due Nov 1 and I would rather hang by my ankles from the ceiling than have a baby on Halloween!

  4. My mom's birthday is November 2 - so your baby will share a birthday with an amazing woman!
    I am due about a week after you and I am on the other side of the fence as you and WOULD love it if this baby girl came early on Halloween!

  5. Wait, I'm confused. Are you for or against Halloween? ;)

    I agree with the not wanting a birthday on a holiday. Let the kid be celebrated on their own. :)

    You look great! You're so close to the finish line!


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