Sunday, August 26, 2012


I've been MIA the last almost 2 weeks! My MacBook Pro charger broke. Literally, the wire busted and there were exposed stringy wires. Not safe for a 14 month old to be around. We were out of town and things got busy and I just haven't ordered a new one. It's hard to shell out close to $80 on that! I still haven't ordered one but I've borrowed a very sweet friend's charger.

Lately, we've just been doing our normal thing. Spending lots of time at home, inside. It's so blasted hot still and this {almost} 8 month pregnant mama gets worn out very quickly with a very energetic 14 month old. Hudson is learning something new every day. He is so funny and smart and we are loving this stage right now.

We have an OB appointment on Friday morning. Where we will be scheduling my c-section. Oh.My.Word. How can we already be at this point!?!? We have 9 weeks until she will be here. WHAT?  That just blows my mind. We spent the day on Friday cleaning out the guest room to get ready to transform it into her room. No, we haven't done that yet. Good news is we don't have to paint it. Yay! It is a soft turquoisey-blue color if that makes sense. It will go perfectly with what I have planned in my head.

Today, Hudson was promoted out of the baby room at church. He did great in his new classroom and I was so happy.

I'll be sharing some pictures tomorrow of what we've been up to. I'm too tired now. :)


  1. Been missing you sweet friend. I see you on twitter when I get on and try and catch up. But I fail miserably.

    Isn't it ridiculous how expensive those chargers are. I'm on my 2nd one. The first one Apple replaced because they said it was a warranty issue.

    I can't believe you are almost 8 months pregnant. So hard to believe!!!! I will try and get Jon to mail out your package this week. But things are a bit crazy around here.

    Chelsi moved up today at church as well. I'd love to report that it was a good for Chelsi. But no. Lots of tears. She is the only one not walking and so she gets left behind. It really breaks my heart and makes it hard to take her. :(

    Amazon has some macbook pro chargers that are under 50. Hopefully you can get one soon. But at least you have such a sweet friend that will loan theirs.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Can't believe she will be here in 9 weeks! Post pics of her room whenever you get it finished. :) I'm sure it will be cute.

  3. wow, i can't believe you are already at that point! your pregnancy has flown by (for me!). hahaha!


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