Monday, August 13, 2012

Gulf Shores {part 3}

yet another Gulf Shores picture post. :)

An afternoon beach storm rolling in.

One day, everyone except for me and Hudson, went deep sea fishing. (that will be a separate post.) Hudson and I got to enjoy some quality time just the 2 of us in the pool. I wasn't brave enough to do the beach with him by myself. 

An evening snack on the balcony.

reading with Uncle Mark. He's a huge fan of his Uncle Mark!

Our home for a week. :)

this was our last pool/beach day. 

Hudson became a pro at walking in the sand. 

Hudson's hair is so light and it got even lighter while we were gone. My little blondie. :)

Back to climbing. His favorite part about the beach.

Hudson learned how to say boat while we were there because of this float he was in all week. He said, "bot." And sometimes it came out, "bopt."

This was from our very first day in Gulf Shores. When we got into town we went straight to Lulu's for lunch. It was the perfect place because Hudson was able to run around and play. 

Our view.


  1. Hudson is just too cute..

    That is the cutest little float..

  2. in those first few pictures, Hudson just looks so chilled out in his floating boat! So cute!! Looks like he loved the beach...makes me excited to take Adelyn someday!


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