Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

We had a good weekend. Productive, relaxing, family time. All very good things. 

Thursday night when we went to bed I told John that I wanted to get the guest room cleaned out and get it ready to turn it into Emma's room. I worked like mad all day Friday and all that is left is a bed and empty night stand.

The room wasn't really too bad because it has been a functioning guest room for 2 years. However, we haven't had any overnight visitors since Hudson's birthday party in June so it has become a dumping ground this summer. 

My whole heart. I love these 2 more than anything else.

Friday night we made fish and chips with some fish John caught a couple of weeks ago. It was SO good.

I was so excited to see Emma's first 2 outfits from Pumpkin Butter Kids. The turkey is a gown that she will wear this year. She will be about 4 weeks old! And the bird romper will be for the spring. And the colors in the bird are pretty much the exact same colors we are using in her room. Ashley is the best!

And Hudson's Thanksgiving tshirt. I can't wait to see them in these!!

Emma's closet so far. We still need to rebuild it and maybe paint it. 

John's mom gave us a Sam's membership for our anniversary this year so on Saturday we went to join and walked around. Hudson loved the samples. 

Sunday was Round Up Sunday at church (promotion Sunday) so we had a BBQ lunch after. Hudson sat in a regular chair and ate off of his own plate. He is getting so big! 

Sunday afternoon I tried making homemade French bread. It did not turn out. I would still like to find a recipe that works, but this one did not. Emma got a little messy in the process. :)

We had a random rain storm Sunday afternoon. We took Hudson outside and he had a blast playing in the rain! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week!


  1. How fun!! E's wardrobe is growing and H is just...growing!! He's getting so big. Glad y'all had a great weekend.

  2. you need to do some preggo pictures, L! I want to see the belly!

  3. I love your blog design and your little one's growing closet!

  4. What size shirt did you get the turkey shirt for Hudson? I'm having trouble deciding what size to get him for Halloween/Fall and Thanksgiving?


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