Monday, October 10, 2011

Hudson :: 4 Months Old

Sweet Hudson,

You are 4 months old today! Sweet boy...we are LOVING this age! You are such a smiley, happy baby and we just can't get enough of you.

The biggest thing that has happened this month is that you are now sleeping from about 7:30/8:00 to 7:00/7:30 the next morning. You needed a little help learning how to sleep. We used the Moms On Call method and you are now a great sleeper. You also take great naps. We love Moms on Call!

This month you started rolling over from your back to tummy (you did this the morning you turned 3 months old) and then from tummy to back a few days later. You are now an unswaddled tummy sleeper. When we lay you down your sweet little legs go straight in the air and fall over to the left and then you use the weight of them to get on your tummy and sleep that way all night long. With your little bottom stuck up in the air. It is too precious. Daddy and I love going in to look at you several times before we go to bed.

You used to hate tummy time but now that you are a tummy sleeper you love it. This month you finally got strong enough to support yourself on your arms and you even reach for toys.

Now you can reach out and grab a toy that you want and bring it to your mouth. It may take a few tries but you can do it. You will put anything into your mouth...your favorites are Sophie, a colorful loopy toy, and your hands. Oh those are an equal finger sucker. It doesn't matter which hand or which finger or grouping of love to suck them! You will still take a paci sometimes but usually only if you are tired.

You have become so much more vocal this month. You've been cooing for a while now but you make sure to let us know that you are around. This weekend when we went to Dallas for Uncle Mark's engagement party we would laugh so hard at the loud coos you would make in the back seat.

You have started grabbing at your toes and feet this month.

I hate to say this and admit it but you love Yo Gabba Gabba! There have been a couple of times this month that I've really needed to get some things done and I've put you in your jumper with that on and you love it. During our drive to a from McKinney this weekend you also watched it some on daddy's iPhone and iPad. It was past your bedtime, you wouldn't eat and were just tired but we were still in the car. This kept you from going nuts!

You are working so hard at sitting up. If you are laying down you will try so hard to sit up. You can't do it yet but you really want to. We've been working on the tripod sit and you enjoy being upright. You also still love standing.

You smile the biggest for your daddy and I love that. When you see him walking towards you that smile is so big and your sweet dimples just stand out. You are crazy about your daddy.

You were dedicated in church this month. You have had several out of town visitors...Pop Pop and Grandma one weekend and then SuSu another weekend. You also made your second trip to McKinney and you got to meet Jerry and Glenda Munson.

You are starting to grow some of your hair back! It is coming in much lighter than what you were born with.

It has been busy but sweet month. You are changing so much every day and we love getting to watch you grow and develop. We can't wait for your first Halloween this month!


stats are according to our measurements...official stats on Thursday at his 4 month appointment

::4 month stats::
weight: 15 pounds 12 ounces
height: 26 inches
eating: breastfeeding (or pumped bottle) every 3 hours
clothes: size 3-6 and some 6-9/6-12. You've outgrown all 3 month clothes.
diaper: size 2 - Pampers Swaddlers

Look how you've changed!


  1. I took a picture of Samuel every month too, but in the same 12 month outfit. :-) It's so fun to see how much and quickly they change :-)

  2. so fun to read about what he's up to this past month! and i can't believe how much he's changed since 3!! so fun watching our baies grow!! :)

  3. He has had quite the month!! He's getting so big!

  4.!! Thank you Jesus for blessing John and Linds with this sweet lil angel!!

  5. I love seeing how he has changed each month. For some reason Pearson looks bigger in his 3 month pictures than his 4 month pictures to me.


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