Sunday, June 7, 2009

i {heart} weekends

It has been a perfect weekend and it has been a weekend of fabulous-ness. We've relaxed, slept in, watched tv, watched one movie and we are currently watching a second. We've run a few errands, shopped, did some laundry and cleaning. We've talked, laughed and been goofy. Really goofy. We hung out with best friends. Like I said, it has been a perfect weekend.


I think this picture from Friday night is perfect. John always makes me laugh. I love this about him.

PS: The movies we have watched just in case you are curious are Changeling (last night which was incredible) and Second Chance Harvey (which we are watching now and its so good). Both are excellent.

PPS: Head over to
Lindsay's Kitchen to see what we had for dinner tonight..amazing!

PPPS: My birthday is Wednesday!!

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  1. I think laughter solves a multitude of issues. Adam can make me laugh when I'm throwing a hissy fit and it's very helpful in our marriage!


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