Sunday, September 26, 2010

bad blogger

Seriously y'all! I win the Bad Blogger of the Year Award! I have totally neglected my little blog and honestly, don't feel an ounce of guilt.

Okay so now that I've admitted that, I do feel a little guilty. Oh the shame.

I would really love to do a bona fide post with pictures and a great story but no time now.

I'll leave you with this though...We spent the weekend buying lots of furniture. We are getting so close to being finished furnishing our home.

I'll share the pictures soon. But I'm not going to define what soon means.

We are having a garage sale on Saturday so that is going to be my priority this week.

And I have a doozie of a story to tell you all about an experience we had in Austin this weekend with an old lady driver. It's absolutely nuts!

In the meantime, happy fall y'all and enjoy your cooler temps. Even in South Texas we are enjoying some cool evenings!

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