Thursday, September 16, 2010

Late Night Target Runs

My lovely sister came in town last weekend. We had a BLAST! Her first night here we went to Target to get several things for the house. One of those were new lamps for our bedroom...


Here is Whit trying on our lampshades.

We got to Target around 8:00 and 8 minutes before they closed we were checking out with a cart-full of stuff. Plus 2 barstools.


What you see...a new duvet for our bed, a hamper, 2 pillows for our armless chairs in the formal living room, 2 lampshades, (2 lamps are there but you can't see them), 2 pillows for our bed - they look sort of purple in the picture but they are gray, 2 sets of sheets and some Neosporin.

I'll share the rest of the weekend later. We got a lot done on the house so you get to look forward to seeing pictures of new master bedroom bedding, new light fixtures (inside and out) and new tvs!

Things are finally starting to come together but we still need several things.

Do share your favorite places to find rugs and furniture...PLEASE! I've exhausted every store and website I know of to find chairs for our family room.


  1. My sister and I are the same way about Target - so much fun!

    Okay, rugs. Besides the usual suspects like Pottery, Crate, Restoration, and Target I really love GrandinRoad and Inside Avenue.

    Rug shopping is such a chore. Good luck girlie!

  2. I felt the same way about rug shopping!! I found several I loved at Pottery Barn (where I also LOVE their chairs) but I ended up buying a rug for my living room from Target! Good luck in your hunt!!


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