Monday, March 5, 2012

Hudson Hates Asparagus

We love asparagus in our house. Roasted or grilled are the only ways to prepare it! It's so good and easy.

The other night we had asparagus and with some of the leftovers John steamed and pureed it for Hudson. The kid has LOVED any food we have given him at this point so we assumed asparagus would be among his extensive favorite foods list.

WRONG. Major wrong.

He HATED it. Like hardcore crying, spit it out hated it.

Being the good parents we are...we kept feeding it to him so we could get it on video. He was also eating a delicious Holiday Vegetable Dinner with Roasted Turkey. That he loved. we are torturing our kid for the sake of a few good laughs.


  1. That is HILARIOUS!! And I totally would have video taped it too!! Pearson hasn't hated anything we have given him yet. I wonder if he would like asparagus. Matt and I love it too!!

  2. How funny.. We've all done it or will as parents. :)

    I'm with Hudson though.. :)

  3. A very good laugh! That is too funny!

  4. So funny! One of my best friends' little girls HATES avocado and they are so sad about it! ha ha. It's so funny how their faces just crinkle up.

  5. Hi There! Love your blog! Found you through Kelly's link up.
    Hopefully I will get myself linked up later tonight.

    And maybe your sweet boy will change his mind about day. =)
    Good to meet you!

  6. So funny!!

    Found you through the link up. Can't wait to read more!!


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