Thursday, March 1, 2012

iPhone Rewind {February}

Here's life according to my iPhone in February! Warning...there are a lot of pictures!

Looking super cool in his guitar onesie.

He's always so happy in the morning.

A warm spring like day in February. Love his tiny Sperry's!

He was really mad that his leg got stuck in his jams.

Fell asleep in the cutest position.

Hudson's first injury. He was pulling up on the coffee table and fell and got a cut right under his nose. 

But this was less than 5 minutes after the injury...totally fine!

He started using his bumper as a pillow.

Beyonce the Chicken at HEB. This is probably one of the funniest things I've ever read. But be warned...there is some bad language. 

Loving his new Valentine's Day books from Susu.

Since he uses his bumper as a pillow he wakes up with the funniest imprints on his face!

For Valentine's Day we went to our favorite Thai restaurant. My rice was heart shaped. :)

Another sweet pose when sleeping.

He now knows how to suck these pouches himself.

Enjoying brunch at a new (to us) restaurant.

Visiting daddy at church

Enjoying blueberry buckwheat waffles.

Playing with his new Y-Bike from Lady!

He figured out how to drink from a straw.

I love seeing him standing up now when we go get him out of his crib.

So proud using his new sippy cup with a straw.

Hudson's Easter basket!

He was SO tired at made for a very fussy and messy time!

He has a room full of toys yet all he wants is Oliver's toy.

A beautiful sunset one evening. 

We don't use this very much anymore except when we need to keep Hudson contained. :)

Hudson's new favorite activity is looking out windows.

And Oliver loves it too because our neighbors have outdoor cats. (who has outdoor cats!?!?!?!)

Playing with magazines.

John was sick all week with the flu so he rarely saw Hudson. Hudson missed him so much. Earlier this week John peeked into his room and when he closed the door Hudson lost it. :(

Another window!


  1. love the photo of Hudson with the dog, both looking out the window. thanks for sharing . . .

  2. He's so sweet! Looking very thoughtful in his sleep, haha :)


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