Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013 {a little late}

Halloween this year started off really great! Eric and Brittany came over to hang out for the evening which made the kids SO happy!

My darling little pig!

I love that we got a pretty decent picture with our farmer and pig.

This is more like it. :)

Our plan was to just go to a few houses. This was their first time trick or treating so they wouldn't have known a difference if we had gone to 2 or 22 houses. Our first stop was the Cartee's house. Hudson was SO excited even though you can't really tell on his face.

Emma totally didn't get it but was just happy walking around.

Right after I took this picture Emma came to me and we went to the next house. When we were leaving and walking down the steps from that house, I stepped in a hole I didn't see (because it was dark) and rolled both of my ankles and fell while holding Emma. Praise the Lord that as I fell I held Emma out in front of me and then she landed in the grass. She was also SUPER padded from this pig costume. She cried but was totally fine. Me on the other hand. Not so much.

My left ankle swelled up huge immediately. The right one hurt worse but wasn't as swollen. We called an orthopedic doctor friend and he said that even if it was broken, the ER was the last place we wanted to be on Halloween. Which we knew from watching Grey's Anatomy. 

The left ankle...also very dirty.

So the next morning, a friend came over to watch the kids and John and I went to the hospital. Here's the left.

And the right. Thankfully it wasn't very crowded at all and we were in and out of there in less than 2 hours.

The ER doctor said that I had sprained my left ankle and fractured the right. Later we found out that the right wasn't fractured but just a bad sprain also. 

John was amazing and took care of everything for several days. We had so many people bringing us meals and checking on us. 

Hudson was SO sweet while I spent most of my time on the couch. We had to keep reminding him that "mommy hurt her feet" and one evening he reached over and just started rubbing my foot. Melt my heart!

I'm doing MUCH better. I'm still sore in the evenings, but I'm able to get around a lot easier. Not exactly how we thought Halloween would go but so thankful Emma was okay and I didn't get more seriously injured.

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  1. I know this is a few months old now. But OW my ankle looks pretty bad too but I can't imagine spraining both I'd of died. I bet that was so painful. Did you cry?


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