Wednesday, October 30, 2013

random pictures from the last few days

Pretty creative title, huh? :) 

Emma got this baby stroller for her birthday and loves it!

Last week we had some AWESOME fall weather! I loved seeing my guy in his new fall clothes. He was also so proud of his "pupa" (pumpkin) sticker from church on Wednesday night.

Emma wakes up SO HAPPY! I love coming in to this sweet smile every morning.

For the last few weeks Hudson has been putting change into this bank for church. He doesn't fully understand why he's doing it but he gets so excited. I pray that he always has such a giving heart.

Hudson loves pumpkins right now. He asks several times a day to go sit on the front steps with the "pupas."

Fridays are John's day off and they are such a fun family day for us. They all usually start off like this and I love it so much.

Friday night after the fall festival my guys were sharing a CFA sandwich on the couch. Love my boys!

John has become the unofficial nail clipper in our house which I'm happy for him to have that title. For some reason when he does it the kids like it??? He makes everything fun. Emma also smiles when he suctions her nose! He's seriously got a magic touch.

Another request to go outside with the pupas resulted in Hudson breaking the stem off of one of them. 

But it turned out to be a pretty good soccer ball.

We spent a lot of time on Saturday in the backyard. Emma was walking all over the place eating dirt (obviously).

I love my silly boy SO much.

I thought my minis looked so adorable on Sunday. Emma actually left her bow in for 5 minutes! 

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