Sunday, October 6, 2013

Last week in photos

We didn't have an overly exciting week last week but there are some sweet photos I want to remember so here's a small photo dump.

Tuesday morning after we dropped Hudson off at school, I dropped Emma off in the church nursery and headed to Moms & More which is a once a month bible study for moms. After M&M, we went up to John's office to wait for him to finish up a long calendaring meeting so we could go to lunch. It's so much easier going to lunch with 1 kid. Ha! John keeps a small basket of toys in his office for the kids which helps keep them from pulling his 56,498 books off the shelves.

Hudson is still obsessed with letters. Wherever we go he points out letters and spells words. It's such a fun age and he loves doing it. Which I love because it's something that is so good for him! Anyway, last week my computer was out and he kept wanting to type on it and press the letter keys. So I opened a blank Word document and he pressed and said letters for a good 15 minutes. He felt like he was doing important work.

On October 1 we wore our skeleton jams for the first time. I've been wanting to get these for so many years now (well, since Hudson was 5 months old). His first Halloween they sold out online at every place that sold them before  I could get any. Then last year, I was huge and pregnant and just didn't do it. But this year I was on my game. Back in September we went to Baby Gap and I snatched them up before I even thought about what they would dress up as for Halloween. So when I tried to get a picture of my precious skeletons, this happened. I guess it's par for the course with a 2 year old and almost 1 year old.

Right outside of Hudson's bedroom window there was a big truck crushing tree limbs. Hudson was so excited until I wouldn't let him go outside to see the truck. 

And a little later, Emma James took advantage of the open window to do some bird watching in her boots.

This was a fun colorful mess to find. 

Thursday night we had dinner with some friends from the music ministry and had the best appetizer before dinner.

I'll have our weekend update up later.

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