Thursday, October 24, 2013

Emma James's 1st Birthday Pumpkin Party!

Last weekend we had Emma's 1st birthday party! I knew I wanted to do a pumpkin theme since her birthday is in October and it would be so easy to find stuff. 

Here is the food table. I covered the table with fabric and then a burlap runner I already had. We had chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, fruit, Mediterranean couscous salad, pigs in a blanket, hummus, pita, veggies, and pumpkin cupcakes. Oh and beautiful iced sugar cookies!

I used acrylic paint to paint her monogram on a pumpkin for the table. 

For her monthly pictures I just covered a canvas we already had hanging in the dining room with orange fabric. Then I used a burlap garland I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby to attach her pictures to. Easy.

The amazing iced sugar cookies by The Doughmestic Housewife.

Her high chair. This was very easy to do. Ribbon, super glue, and a couple of hours during nap time.

Hudson had so much fun with all of Emma's new toys.

The sweet birthday girl! Her dress is by SheShe Made.

With "Aunt" Brittany. Brittany and Eric have become our family in Birmingham. We are so thankful for B&E!

With Lady!

I was so excited that Jen and her family were able to come. I love how Maddie and Emma were just starring at each other.

Our sweet little family.

And the best picture we got with Lady.

The sweet birthday girl loving her new chair from B&E.

Everyone was SO sweet and some people even gave Hudson a small toy. He loved this John Deere flashlight from Mr. Matt.

I'm pretty sure Emma's favorite gift was this teddy bear from Dr. Bob and Mrs. Polly. 

The week before her party she got really good at walking and got to show off her skills to all of her party guests.

It's a shame she doesn't have much of a personality.

Let's be clear. She's a 2nd child. Hudson had cake for the first time at his birthday party. He had chocolate and peanut butter for the first time at almost 18 months. Emma had chocolate at 9 months and peanut butter at 11 months and has already had more than enough cake. So this wasn't anything new for her. But still adorable. :)

We let Hudson blow out her candle.

Emma is so good at sharing. 

We have almost the same picture from Hudson's 1st birthday.

Our new friends JP and Lindsey. They just got married a few weeks ago!

Hudson's favorite person is probably Uncle E. Seriously, he would rather be with him than John or me.

New toys are so exciting for all!

SO exhausted after a big day. 

Happy birthday Emma James. We love you SO much. 


  1. Such a cute party! I just love pink and orange together! And what a cutie pie birthday girl! :)

  2. Okay seriously, you did an amazing job on her birthday party! I am absolutely in olive with everything about it.

  3. What a cute party!! I absolutely LOVE her high chair! Did you find a tutorial somewhere that you are willing to share?

  4. So much fun!!! I love everything about it. We may be doing a pumpkin theme one year down the road :)

    I especially love that last photo of you and your girl!


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