Friday, October 11, 2013

photos from our week

Happy Friday!

Here's what we were up to this week. It was a pretty normal week but so many sweet moments with my littles.

I've mentioned this before but one of their favorite things to do together is play in Emma's crib. So Monday after naps, they enjoyed their snacks and juice with toys in Emma's room. 

Emma has started to get into ALL.THE.THINGS. I left my scarf drawer open and she went to town. 

These 2 melt my heart. 

Tuesday while Hudson was at school my girl and I went and had lunch together and did a little shopping. 

After school Hudson was telling me about some of the things he enjoyed at school. Donuts, pumpkins, and apple stamping on this particular day. 

Wednesday we met up with Jen and her 3 precious babies. The train table at Toys R Us kept them entertained for a long time!

Jocelynn is such a sweet little mama. After a little shopping we went to Panera for lunch. 2 mamas and 5 kids under 2 1/2. We were a sight! Ha!

Hudson was "reading" to Emma. He was saying the words he knows and point to things and letting her open flaps. Such a sweet moment between my 2 little loves.

Thursday, little miss and I went and did a little shopping again for some things for her birthday party. While we were checking out at Hobby Lobby she was playing with this and knew exactly what to do. Which is so funny because we use mainly cash (thanks Dave Ramsey) so she rarely sees me use this.

We started giving Emma whole milk since she refuses formula now and is only nursing once a day. She HATED it at first but on Thursday she had 3 sippy cups of whole milk! 

John was in Atlanta for a couple days at a conference so Hudson loved getting to FaceTime with him last night. 

Happy Friday!

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