Monday, October 28, 2013

our first Dawson fall festival!

Our church had their fall festival on Friday night so my little farmer and pig got all ready in their adorable costumes and showed their excitement for the event. ;)

Hudson is getting good at cooperating for pictures. Getting him to smile is another thing. But he will sit and do what he's asked. Except smile.

Now that Emma is pretty much a full time walker things are more difficult with her. As you can see...she wanted no part in sitting on the steps and taking a picture.

We spent most of our time in the FRC (family recreation center) which is where all the inflatables were. Hudson and Emma both enjoyed this little bounce house. It had a small slide which Hudson loved. It was Emma's first time in a bounce house!

John and and Justin (who is one of the recreation ministers) with their sweet babies. Will was the cutest giraffe. 

Emma's favorite part was just being able to walk around the huge open space.

That's my fearless 2 year old flying down the huge slide! He did this probably 30 times and cried huge alligator tears when we left.

He's the one in the middle climbing up all by himself!

Again, Emma was just as happy as can be.

Outside there were lots of carnival type games and rides. Hudson did a couple of the games but they were all a little too big for him but he did love this mini carousel. 

We had such a fun night. It was FREEZING outside which is so different for us! Usually we are hot and sweaty at fall festivals in Texas!

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