Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New York Vacation Part II: Toronto & Niagara

Disclaimer: I crammed a TON of pictures into this post so thanks in advance for making it through all of them!

Our second day of vacation we traveled about 2 hours in the purkle bug to Toronto and spent the entire day there. Toronto is much like New York City only much cleaner! We had a blast touring the city and finishing the day off with a nice dinner at the top of CN Tower at a revolving restaurant called 360. On our way home we stopped at Niagara so we could see the falls at night. What a great idea! The next day we went back to Niagara and spent the whole day there. We started on the American side, did the observation deck, Maid of the Mist, and walked up the side of the falls. Then we ventured over to the Canadian side so we could see Horseshoe Falls.

On the way!

One of the many pictures I took from the car
After stopping at the Fairmont for directions, St. Lawrence Market was our first stop.

They had the biggest shrimp I have ever seen! At the market we bought smoked salt, and black truffle salt...soooo good!

Beautiful park in downtown Toronto.

While we were there the Toronto Blue Jays were playing the Oakland A's here.

John in line getting some of the best fresh squeezed lemonade!

CN Tower where we had dinner.

We had dinner way up there!

Flags, obviously...

Canadian bear, eh?

Ok, so at the top of CN Tower they had a glass floor...it was a little scary!

Every 30 minutes of revolving in the restaurant, this little fish would be on the window. He's cute.

Us at dinner.

On the way back seeing Niagara at night...

There are no words...

The next day...
Us on the American side.
The American falls are on the left, Horseshoe falls are what you see in the back.
Hubby "falling" over...
The observation deck People exploring the falls and the caves behind them...
What we did...
Us in our super cool, "free" souvenirs that we didn't keep.
This isn't our boat but you can imagine that's what we looked like on our boat!
So he thought he had a brilliant idea of tying his super cool, "free" souvenir at the bottom to keep his pants dry. Look at the next picture to see what happened...
It didn't really work...
Makes you feel kind of powerless, well a lot powerless.

That is a lot of mist!

Where the metal meets the cement...that's where we were standing the night before.

From the Canadian side...Horseshoe Falls
These are the lights that make the falls look like a rainbow at night.
Tons of people looking at God's goodness.
No significance, just thought it was pretty.
Saw this driving home...of course we had to take a picture. And funny enough, this was very close to Niagara...20 minutes back in Lockport there is another John St.


  1. wow, looks like it was incredible! love you!

  2. haha, that was me (ash) not sean, just using his blog id...haha


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