Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New York Vacation Part I: Lockport

"Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away!!"

And that's exactly what we did! It had been a very stressful few weeks for John in July so our vacation was much needed. Tuesday evening we got home from our vacation to upstate New York and it was such a relaxing week. Plus, while we were there we got to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. (Love you babe!) We stayed with some of our friends, the Chapmans. The summer after John's freshman year at Baylor he did an internship at First Baptist Carrollton and lived with the Chapmans for that summer. (The weekend of our wedding they moved to New York.) We had a wonderful time visiting with them, touring the cities and towns, and of course Niagara Falls and Canada! Here is Part I of my Vacation posts. I did not originally intend on several posts, but we have well over 500 pictures so Part I is of Lockport, the town the Chapmans live and where we stayed. Enjoy these pictures (FYI...I label pictures above the picture, that way you know what you are about to see.)
The Chapman's beautiful home that was built in 1852!
The Carriage House.
Their pool house/our house! This was built about 50 years after the big house.
Our car while we were there. They call it the "Purkle Bug"! The "Tree Lane" on their property. Where the carriages used to drive out! The oh-so-comfy hammock where we spent some time in the evenings!
The squirell that stole an apple from their apple tree.
This tractor thing (I have no idea what it is called!!) they have on their property.
I think John was telling me how much he 'needs' one!
Of course I had to try it out!
A very cool diner where we had lunch one day.
Beautiful historic house in Lockport.

Red brick road lined with it!
The "Upside-Down Bridge"
One of the locks of Lockport (they have 5 and call them the Flight of Five).
A funny Italian "caffe"
They have an old Episcopal church in Lockport that has stained glass windows done by Tiffany himself!
Here is his signature.
A street sign in Lockport.Lockport sits right on the Erie Canal.
The Erie Canal.
Stay tuned for posts on Toronto, Niagara Falls, and other adventures!

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