Friday, August 1, 2008

Proud to Be from McKinney...

Or not??

A movie premiers on Lifetime tomorrow night called "Fab Five: Texas Cheerleader Scandal" and is based on the events that happened in McKinney about 2 years ago. My brother was in high school at the time, the same high school where these events happened. The head of the "fab five" is the daughter of the principal of the school (well, principal at the time, obviously she's not there anymore!). For info about what actually happened go here. For info about the movie go here. Oh yeah, Go McKinney!


  1. okay so i definately watched the last part of the movie, i need your scoop to see what was real and everything! crazy!

  2. so after reading your blog on friday i knew a little bit about this movie when i happened to be watching tv last night. the movie seemed to be quite scandalous! i agree with courtney that we need details! ; )


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