Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunset Colors Are Caused By Pollution

Saturday evening John and I got some excellent Italian food take out for dinner (from Baris) and rented a movie and sat down on the couch to enjoy a relaxing evening. He had been working very hard for the past 2+ days at church helping with the Ike evacuees and it was so wonderful to have him home. As we were sitting down I noticed the gorgeous sunset outside. You will have to ignore the power lines, but you can see how gorgeous the sky was. There was also a full rainbow that we saw driving home, but didn't get a picture of it.

**The title of the post comes from my husband, John. I asked him for a title for this post and he said, "Sunsets colors are caused by pollution. I heard that one time." Even if this was caused by pollution, I'd like to think that God calls all things to work together for good. At least that's what Joel Osteen said. He also said I'd be rich, but no luck.

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