Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yikes, Ike!

We live in Waco, approximately 235 miles from the Texas coast, so we're not in the "danger zone." However today after work I decided I needed to make a quick stop at HEB just in case we lose power or something from this crazy storm. I knew the grocery stores would be super crowded so I decided to stop at the HEB that is just a couple blocks from Baylor. I thought it might not be as bad but boy was I wrong! Because it is a much smaller HEB it was insanely crowded. I bought a couple things we needed that we were just out of (shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper) and also some bread, peanut butter, etc. I had less than 10 items in my basket and was in that store for over an hour! It was insanely crazy.

Our church in Hamilton is currently a shelter for evacuees. John is there right now and will be through the weekend helping serve the people who are fleeing the storm. I may join him tomorrow when I get off work at 5:00.

My prayers are with all of you in Houston and close to the coast. "Hunker down" and stay safe.

A random note: I am currently cleaning out our dvds, vhs tapes, and old recorded tapes. Ironically, I just put one in that I recorded 3 years ago, exactly. It is the 20th season premiere of Oprah and the commercials are talking about Texans preparing for Hurricane Rita. (Yes, the Oprah with Jennifer Aniston). Weird...

A funny note: I kid you not, but this is directly from "The local National Weather Service office for the Houston area has issued a strongly worded warning for the coastal areas from Matagorda to Galveston, saying life-threatening water inundation is likely during high tide. It goes on to say, "Persons not heeding evacuation orders in single-family one- or two-story homes will face certain death." "

"will face certain death"...WHAT? Seriously they put that...don't believe me, go here.

Fortunately for us here in Central Texas the forecasters are saying that the storm may be moving more east.

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  1. We'll see you here in the big H-town this weekend!


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