Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 things about the bachelor...

1. He wants to be a rock so she can fall down?!?! I'd be scared for my life if a guy told me that!
2. No wonder they got divorced..he loves Jesus and she loves past lives and dead dove funerals.
3. It's obvious he is going to pick Melissa.

ok, maybe 4...

4. Personally, I miss Shannon and Stephanie. I know neither one of them was right for him (ok, Shannon was flat out weird and a stalker and if Stephanie got an engagement ring it would have gotten lost in all of her other accessories), but they were so much fun and made the show so much more interesting! I mean stalkers and scarves, and earrings, and necklaces, and rings, and belts, and hats and....I could go on but I'll stop.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think he will pick?


  1. I am almost in tears from laughing so hard about the dead dove funeral! What about Jillian? I love her! (Ok, so I don't really LOVE her, but she's my favorite.) Why do you think he'll pick Melissa? And what was that drama about Deanna coming back? Oh please. She already had her turn. She can't double dip. Totally agree about Stephanie's BLING! She was WAY overdone, but such a sweet heart.

  2. well, you know how i feel. & i almost started crying when i saw him breaking down after he sees deanna. but wow - the thing that threw me back the most was when naomi said to her dad, "beyond that i don't care - i mean, to tell you the truth i'd be lying if i said that i cared if he believed the same things as me. we are SO compatible.. it could just work!"


    i like molls!

  3. i'm lauging from this post, lindsay.
    yes, naomi's family has strange dynamics and she is a wierd mix of the 2.
    i think he will pick melissa too, but i'm anxious to see the deanna twist. it may get interesting!

  4. girls, i don't know.... i think he might pick molly! :)


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