Monday, August 17, 2009

last days

Our last days in Waco were very bittersweet. Our last full week was busy! It was my last week of work at Baylor (Thursday July 30 was my last day) and John was in Hamilton doing Summer Music Camp. SMC is something that John started doing in Hamilton our first summer there, summer 2006. It was an instant hit and I was never able to be a part of it due to work. I always saw the performance on Friday night but I was never able to see all the fun yet hard work that went into the week.

SMC 2009
With this year being John's last SMC at FBC Hamilton I knew I wanted to see at least one day so I was there all day on Friday and it was so much fun! Friday looks a little different than the other days of music camp, but it was fun to be a part of no less.

The SMC workers gave John a framed picture of all the SMC participants (kids and workers) that everyone had signed. It is proudly on the shelf in John's new office!

SMC 2009
SMC 2009
One very sweet woman, Shirley, has made John's life so much easier and less stressful these last 4 years in Hamilton. She has been a huge help during Summer Music Camp and we will miss her so much! Shirley and I were talking the last day of music camp and we were joking about how well she knows John now also.

SMC 2009
After the last day of music camp and the performance that night we headed back to Waco for a going away dinner with good friends. It was a great time to talk and laugh about our years in Waco.
Going Away Dinner
Going Away
And dinner at Siete Mares is always wonderful! It is one of our favorite Waco restaurants. Thanks friends for a great dinner!

stay tuned for lots more!

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  1. haha I thought the sticker on Shirley's cheek was a lipstick mark from a kiss. I was kind of confused. =)


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