Tuesday, December 8, 2009

day 2..

..of feeling SO terrible!

Last night I posted on facebook that I really wish I lived closer to my mom so she could take care of me and make me soup!

It's so true.

I went to the dr yesterday and they did a flu test which came back negative. So he sent me on my way with a z pack and some cough syrup.

I was really hoping that I would be feeling better today but nope.

hot tea
Thankfully, I have a large supply of throat coat tea and hot water to soothe my throat and the hubby is bringing me soup at lunch.

And I apologize for the grainy picture. I took this with my iPhone because I am sick and just can't be bothered with having to go in the other room to get my camera. I've got the bare necessities right by me..iPhone, computer, hot tea.


  1. I love the photo, Lindsay! So artsy! We must have had different bugs -- mine didn't last long and instead of a sore throat, my head pounded and I had a nasty sounding cough. No sore throat. I put up a rather sentimental (read: sappy) post about being sick and wanting my Mama...I hear you on that. Anyway, stay warm and stay positive! Prayers for you! Sounds like your hubby is doing a good job of playing nurse. If you need anything, call me, and I'll drop it off on the porch, hahaha! Love you!

  2. Aww Lindsay, I hope you feel better real soon.

  3. I hope you get to feeling better! I have been feeling terrible as well and I went and talked to the pharmacist about my sore throat before going to the doctor (I was diagnosed with a sinus infection BTW not strep which I thought...) she told me to table Ibuprophen to help with the pain. It really did help some. I hope it might help you. Hope you feel better soon.

    Look on the bright side...at least you get to drink your tea out of that adorable mug!! :)

  4. Oh, and just for the PS of how I found your blog...it's a small world...I found your blog through Abby Lea's and my mom and dad taught your SIL in 11th grade sunday school at Hyde Park! Fun to see how people can randomly connect. Feel better soon!


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