Saturday, February 20, 2010


Did you see that John and I have been together for 7 years now?!?! See the post below!

I've been so behind on posting these!

Thanks Carrie for the Over the Top Award and thanks Wendi for the Lemonade Stand award!

The rules for this award are rather simple. All I have to do is answer the following questions with a single word answer and then pass this along to five bloggers.

1. Your Cell Phone? iPhone

2. Your Hair? Colored

3. Your Mother? Strong

4. Your Father? Caring

5. Your Favorite Food? Mexican

6. Your Dream Last Night? Mystery

7. Your Favorite Drink? Water

8. Your Dream/Goal? Motherhood

9. What Room Are You In? Kitchen

10. Your Hobby? Blogging

11. Your Fear? Loss

12. Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? Family

13. Where Were You Last Night? Home

14. Something That You Aren't? Crafty

15. Muffins? Cranberry

16. Wish List Item? House

17. Where Did You Grow Up? McKinney

18. Last Thing You Did? Read

19. What Are You Wearing? PJs

20. Your TV? Small

21. Your Pets? None

22. Friends? Loyal

23. Your Life? Crazy

24. Your Mood? Better

25. Missing Someone? Family

26. Vehicle? Accord

27. Something You Aren't Wearing? Jewelry

28. Your Favorite Store? Nordstrom

29. Your Favorite Color? Red

30. When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Today

31. Last Time You Cried? Olympics

32. Your Best Friend? Many

33. One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Work

34. Facebook? Waste

35. Favorite Place To Eat? D's

So, the Over The Top Award goes to...

Laura - We were in the same sorority in college and have reconnected through blogs. I love her blog and all of her wonderful ideas for food, working out, fashion and nail polish.

Beth - We have been friends for 8 years now...CRAZY! We were "twins" in our sorority at Baylor and have been inseperable ever since.

Mrs. Southern Bride - Heather is a blog friend and I just love her blog. She shares all of her sweet stories about being a newlywed!

Ashley - Ashley is a new blogger friend and has a precious new baby, Ava!

Lauren - Lauren is another friend from my sorority days at Baylor. She is so sweet and I love being able to stay in touch through blogging!

And the Lemonade Stand Award goes to...

Kelly - Kelly is a new friend and a new blogger. She is also my fabulous Zumba instructor!

Natalie - Natalie is a friend from high school and once again, I love being able to stay in touch through the blog world. She has 2 absolutely precious labs. Their newest is still an adorable pup!

Allison - Allison is another friend from my sorority (wow...didn't mean for this to be a sorority post) and now she and her hubby are living up in New England. I LOVE all of her gorgeous pictures of the changing seasons up there!

Allyson - Allyson is a sweet friend from Hamilton! I love her stories about what her precious kids are up to. They are so much fun!

Callie - Callie is a friend from my Baylor days and we volunteered at the Waco Care Net together. She is now expecting her first baby and is going to be an amazing mom!

And this next part I am stealing from was too fun not to pass on.....

I would love for each and every one of you to pass on the blog award and continue this "chain letter" phenomenon. So please know that if you do not continue the chain, one or more of the following things may happen.

1. Hair loss
2. Constipation
3. Permanent loss of the ever-elusive "luck factor"
4. Weight gain
5. Nausea
6. Compulsion to purchase Beanie Babies

I don't make this up, people. The facts are the facts.

Go have fun!


  1. Thanks Lindsay! My blog is so not worthy of an award! Maybe this will motivate me to up the ante...there are certain appearances an award winner must achieve!

  2. Thank you, Lindsay! I love my award, so cute. And I feel very honored to be awarded by my blogging mentor. :-) I loved reading your answers, too. I have done my part to play by the rules and pass it along...see my next-to-latest post. Have a great week!

  3. This has nothing to do with your post BUT I am making your meatloaf and roasted poblano mac and cheese this week. I made the pear crisp yesterday and it was DIVINE. Tonight I will be making your couscous with black beans to go along with mont jack turkey burgers. I LOVE your recipes!!!

  4. Linds, you are too funny. :) I loved reading your answers. Thanks for passing it on! I hope things are going great for you and John. :)

  5. Thank you Lindsay! I may refer to myself as Allyson, the award-winning blogger! :-)

  6. and now it's my turn to award YOU, friend!!

  7. You all are so cute! So glad I found your blog, I'm a new follower! I found you on My Nashville Nest today and so glad I did!


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