Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're not THAT old!

So John and I are both much closer to 30 than we are 20. (We'll be 27 this summer in case you are wondering.)

So we're still young but getting older and closer to 30. But we're not THAT old.

The point is, we both received something in the exact same day in the mail.

One was addressed to John...

getting old

The other was addressed to me...

getting old

Like I said, we're not THAT old!!



    If YOU are getting AARP stuff, then the funeral home is going to be sending me info. any day now!

  2. We get stuff like that too (my husband really is THAT old...well, he is in his 30s, so almost)!
    Anyone that sends me something like that now, will NOT get my business later!

  3. Josh and I had a good laugh at this post. Stock up on your prune juice and Werthers Original.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! I got an AARP in the mail also that I just knew was suppose to be addressed to James!! Happy Aging i think they have a club at church :)


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