Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twilight Dreams

Ever since the Twilight phenomenon hit I have been a skeptic.

I have absolutely no desire to read the vampire love books that were originally meant for Tweens.

Buy apparently my husband does. In my dreams.

Last night I had a dream that u found John sitting on the couch of our living room.

But it wasn't our actual living room. Anyone else have dreams where your home in the dream isn't really where you live in real life? The dream home is always so much better. Hince the name dream home.

But I digress.

So John is sitting on the couch in our dream home reading the last installment of the vampire romance novel.

He then proceeds to tell me it was the best series he has ever read and I should read them.

Then I woke up. Realized it was a dream. And so thankful that my husband still thinks vampire love stories are ridiculously stupid.

And so thankful that I still do not have any desire to read them.


  1. Me either! Doesn't interest me in the least..

  2. My house never looked like my house in my dreams (and sometimes it wasn't even better). Even worse...people don't look like they do in real life in my dreams. Its always creeped me out a bit and I've wondered where the images came from. Then, I started experiencing the joy of very vivid pregnancy dreams. All of a sudden, my family looks like my family and my house looks like my house. CRAZY weird!
    Oh, I'm not on the Twilight wagon either.

  3. You're hilarious. :) I totally agree (with both the dream house idea and the vampirebooksarestupid idea).


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