Tuesday, April 6, 2010


-John and I are coaching a kindergarden soccer team. We've had 3 practices and our first game is Saturday. It is so much fun and I think we are actually doing a pretty good job! Our team name is the Fighting Irish!

-Last night I made 3 desserts. Mississippi Mud Cake, Pecan Praline Bundt Cake and Lemon Bars. No, I'm not pregnant. I will, however post the recipes soon.

-Dreyer's Coconut Bars are my current favorite sweet treat. Amazing and only 2 points!

-I clearly wasn't using my brain when I made out our weekly menu this week and went grocery shopping on Saturday. We have had something literally every night this week which means no cooking. But that just means I won't have to shop too much for next week!
-I feel like our lives are not slowing down at all. I thought they were but they are actually speeding up. And I have a feeling the next several weeks are going to be insane.


  1. Did you make Paula D's Pecan Praline Bundt cake? I tried it once and it was FABULOUS! You can send me any of the desserts you made, any time! : )
    Have fun with the kiddos, it would be fun to coach soccer!

  2. And they were ALL heavenly! Especially the lemon bars, so YUM!


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