Thursday, April 22, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1. We are going to look at our house again today! Our realtor set up a time for us to go by again without the sellers being there so we can take lots of pictures, measurements, and dream. Keep your fingers crossed that there are beautiful perfect hardwood floors under the carpet!

2. My mom is coming in 2 weeks to help me pack. I can't believe I have to start packing again. And so soon. But I am beyond excited!

3. The weekend my mom is coming just happens to be mother's day. Do you think she will mind if my gift to her is the privilege to help me pack? I kid. :)

4. My mother-in-law is coming in town this weekend. Although she won't be able to see the inside of the house, we can't wait to drive by to show it to her.

5. We are still trying to teach our soccer team that they are in fact a team. And not to steal the ball from each other. During games. They are precious little kindergarteners and just get so excited.

6. We close on our house in less than a month and move 1 MONTH FROM TODAY!

7. 1 year ago yesterday John met the pastor of our church for the first time. Crazy that our journey to Victoria started a year ago!

8. I'm dreaming all things house all the time. Paint colors, furniture, bedding (I want new bedding for the master and we also have another guest room to create), flooring, landscaping, DOGS! I CANNOT wait to get a dog! I have waited for SO LONG and John always said that when we have a house and a backyard we can get a dog.

9. When is it acceptable to stop cleaning until we move? 1 week, 2, 5 weeks? ;)

10. Question time: Where are good places to find, door knobs, cabinet hardware and outdoor furniture without breaking the bank?


  1. There is a store in Dallas called Seconds and Surplus, which is where we got all of our door knobs. We bought our cabinet hardware at Home Depot, really couldn't find anything cheaper. Home Depot online also has great outdoor furniture that really is reasonably priced compared to many other places (especially the Martha Stewart collection), but you may want to check out Garden Ridge. E-mail me if you have questions, really. We did a full remodel of our house on a tight budget, so I can give you any tips from when we remodeled. Good luck! It is fun and exhausting!


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