Monday, July 26, 2010

Dry Ice

So earlier today I realized that it had been over a week since my last post.

Not intentional. John was actually out of town last week. He went to Waco for Baylor's Alleluia Conference.

All week he would text me or call me to tell me where he was heading for lunch or dinner. It was pure torture.

After all, we lived in Waco for 8 years and one of our very favorite things about that city was all of the amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Oh and I was home sick for 3 days. Not fun at all when you don't have anyone to take care of you. I went to the doctor Wednesday and I had a pretty bad sinus infection so she loaded me up with antibiotics and I'm feeling much better, but still sound like a man.

Anyway, not the story I was planning to share. John got home Friday night with an ice chest holding something he was very excited about.

And he pulled out 2 peanut butter milkshakes from Health Camp. Glory!!!

The man went to Waco Carbonic to purchase DRY ICE to bring peanut butter milkshakes 3 1/2 hours to South Texas.

No....I'M NOT PREGGERS! Just a super sweet husband!

Anyway, he was more excited about the dry ice than the peanut butter milkshake.

dry ice

He played with that block of dry ice for about 30 minutes...and then some more the next day when it was still left.

And you may have already noticed, but in the picture he served it with Dr Pepper. His reason, "You know I'm always looking for the coldest Dr Pepper!"


  1. That is really sweet of him! What a great surprise!

  2. That might be one of the cutest/sweetest things ever!

  3. Love this post! So sweet and fun!


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