Thursday, July 15, 2010

thursday's thoughts

  • i have been labeling all of my posts. i actually started working on it months ago but it takes so stinking long to go back over almost 500 posts and label them. i'm getting close though. sort of.
  • john has had music camp this week. he has over 110 kids signed up and this is the first year for our church. this is one of his favorite things out of the whole year. i can't wait for the performance tomorrow night.
  • this weekend we are "shaving" the bearded tree. while other landscaping projects will have to wait until the fall, this needs to be done STAT. i'm really hoping that the tree bark is not damaged.
  • Front Yard
  • we have been watching mad men on netflix. we have really enjoyed this show, not because of the amazing story lines or crazy excitement (like lost) but because of how the show takes place in the 1950s and how the lifestyle was then and how they treated women. it's so interesting.
  • i'm thinking that i need to start a cleaning schedule. working full time and then trying to get it all done on the weekends just isn't cutting it anymore. i hate spending a whole day on sunday trying to clean and not even getting it done. i'm thinking a little bit each night.
  • last night i was doing a little yard work in the backyard. nothing major but i was out there for about an hour. i put on bug spray like normal. we have monster-sized mosquitos down here. the normal bug spray wasn't working so i had to cover myself in our africa bugspray...100% deet. i felt like i was poisoning myself but it worked.
do any of you have a cleaning schedule that you like? what works best for you?


  1. All I do is ironing day on Monday. I'm with you, I need to get on more of a cleaning schedule as well. I hate spending all Sunday afternoon cleaning too. I miss out on the sunshine and my 'day of rest.'

  2. Have you heard of the fly lady? I have a binder with dividers, yes I am nerd. That has different catergories and one of the sections is my cleaning schedule. It tells me what to do each day and then there is a nightly routine. If you want any of the information, email me and I'll send you what I have.


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