Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come and Knock on My Door

Here we go...a real post!

As you know, we are having a blast destroying our house and putting it back together again.

The door that came with our house was ugly and hiding behind a storm door. The storm door was removed soon after we bought the house but the new door was a process. We found a solid wood door at the Habitat ReStore. I wanted a simple door, no windows or a lot of detail and I wanted it to be black. So a $30 door that needed some TLC was perfect for us.

Here is the before picture of the front of our house. Before we bought it...before we did anything to it.


Here is a good shot of the old door while John is removing it.




Excited about getting rid of this thing! (BTW...we sold this door for more than we paid for our new one...score!)

Here is the before of the new door...
Door Before

See, it needed lots of TLC!
Door Before

On goes the new one...


And the ugly front porch light before...

And the new one!
Front Porch

And here is how it looks now.
Front Porch

Again, we still have landscaping work to do but oh it looks so much better!
Front Porch


  1. Wow! It looks great! Love the simplicity of the black door!

  2. I think black front doors are the only way to go. It looks great!


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