Thursday, October 28, 2010


Same song...different verse.

This poor blog has been completely neglected lately. Life and work are crazy and in the evenings (when we are home) all I want to do is relax with my hubby.

I think it is safe to say that NaBloPoMo probably won't happen this year. I know, the shame.

But we have been busy. Here is what has been going on. I'll do full recaps with pictures also, but this is what you're gonna get now.

Last weekend we went to Waco for Baylor Homecoming. It was so wonderful being back and seeing old friends. We got to go back to Hamilton for the first time since we left last August 2009 and it was so good to see everyone again. Sunday I helped host a baby shower for Courtney and Baby Ethan. So fun.

A couple of weekends ago we met up with Patrick and Courtney in Sugar Land to celebrate Patrick's birthday. We ate at P.F. Changs and as always, we talked nonstop and enjoyed our time with our friends.

Our couch should be here any day now. Well let's hope. When we ordered it they said 8-12 weeks. We are almost at the 8 week mark so hopefully we will hear something soon.

This weekend we are going to finish the baseboards! We only have 1/2 of one room left to install them in. We also need to finish putting putty on the nail holes. Close!

This weekend I'm going to take pictures of our house to post on the blog! Wow I know.

Victoria is getting a frozen yogurt shop and I could not be more excited. When we were in Waco last weekend we had Orange Cup on Saturday and Sunday.

My evenings are about to free up a little more. I am almost finished coaching cheerleading. Our last game is next weekend. I'm also in a bible study another night that is almost finished.

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