Friday, September 2, 2011

iPhone Rewind

So...iPhone picture dump from the last 6ish weeks.

We had dinner in Austin with John's dad and stepmom. Hudson loves his Pop Pop!

I could sit and watch my boy smile all day long!

First time in the Bumbo...have I posted this picture before???

On the {rare} nights that he sleeps through the night he is never in the same spot where we laid him down.

Sweet love!

Trying on his Mud Pie outfits that finally fit! He got the crab one at a shower in April.

And my mom got him this Mud Pie tool outfit in February when we found out he was a boy! I am obsessed with this one!

One day I was cleaning out our pen bucket and found this pencil and pen. Our wedding night we stayed at The Adolphus in downtown Dallas and we stayed at The Woldorf-Astoria in New York for our honeymoon. I texted this picture to John and he replied with some corny line. Something about "writing the story of our lives..." or something like that. ;)

My handsome boy!

We had rain (!!!!) last week and as soon as it started raining one of our tree limbs came down. Oliver stayed on the patio during the entire storm just watching and was wondering what on earth was going on. Hudson took an amazing nap!

We've been working so hard doing extra tummy time. Hudson absolutely hates it and needs some serious cuddling after.

Wiped out during a morning nap.

Sweet brothers just hanging out.

NO idea what caused this bottom lip to pop out but I sure do love it. 

He has really started holding onto his WubbaNubs. He is also able to put them back in when they fall out if it is still close to his mouth.

My sweet boys. :)


  1. Pearson has the same tool MudPie outfit, but his is a 12 month, so we'll be wearing it next summer.

  2. love his mudpie outfits!! such a little cutie!! :)

  3. i can't believe he is getting so big! that little smile is so precious. I love his outfits!


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