Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hudson :: 7 Months Old

My Sweet Hudson,

On Tuesday January 10 you turned 7 months old! (Mommy's been having computer trouble!) I say this every month but WOW...time is flying by!!

You are such a JOY right now. Your daddy and I are absolutely loving this month. Even though you are a little clingy to me (as in you will be crying when anyone else is holding you but when I hold you, you stuck on your fingers and calm down) you are still crazy about your daddy.

You got your 3rd and 4th (on top) teeth this month. This has caused a little fussiness but not much at all like your first 2 teeth. Tylenol and Baby Orajel seem to help and keep you happy.

You eat 2 meals of solids a day. When we first started solids you were having lunch but you really don't seem interested in it at all yet so I'm not pushing it. Your doctor said breakfast and dinner so that's what we are sticking to now. Plus you are still nursing as much as you were before solids so you are getting all you need. At breakfast you have oatmeal and bananas and for dinner you usually have 2 veggies and either bananas or apples. You love food! You have had sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, peas, green beans, apples, bananas, pears, avocado, yellow squash, bread, tortillas, pinto beans, white rice and peaches. You also stared eating puffs, teething biscuits and Mum Mums this month. Those have been a very fun new activity!

This month you started consistently taking 2 naps a day. You started showing signs of wanting to drop your lunchtime nap and so we did that and you are doing great with 2. You go down for your morning nap around 8:30 and sleep until about 10:00-10:30 and in the afternoon you go down around 2:00 and sleep until 4:00. I really like this new nap schedule! It makes going to lunch much easier. :)

You are still a great night time sleeper also. You go to bed between 7:00-7:30 and sleep until 7:00. For a few days around Christmas you started waking up between 4:00-5:30 and you would nurse and then were ready to go for the day. Your little schedule just got so off so after all of the company was gone we got you back on your normal schedule and you're back to a 7:00-7:00 night time sleep which we love!

You are still so close to crawling. You have moved your arms a few times while you are up on all fours but you fall on your face. As soon as you can figure out how to move your arms and legs at the same time you will be off. You get so frustrated when you don't move! You can scoot and turn and roll to just about anything you want though.

Your favorite toys this month are your Leap Frog music table, Tiny Love dog, jumperoo and Sophie the Giraffe. You are also loving anything soft, like blankets, to chew on.

You are obsessed with iPhones and remotes! If iPhone is anywhere in sight you will do whatever you can to get it in your mouth. I used to play on my iPhone while I nursed you but now it distracts you too much. We also have to nurse in your room now. Even when it's just you and me at are too distracted by the living room and your toys. I like it though, we get away and have that special time together. Plus you are very fast  now and only nurse for about 10 minutes during the day.

You are so alert and so observant. You love to look around at everything that is going on and watch people. You still love being outside and this month we've put you in the grass without a blanket and you've loved it. You even tried eating grass and leaves.

Each month just keeps getting more and more fun. We love you sweet boy and thank God for you daily. We can't wait to see what you learn next month!


::7 month stats::
weight: 18 pounds
height: 28 inches
eating: nursing at 7, 10, 1, 4 and 7. Solids at 8 and 6
clothes: 6-9 month, 6-12 month, 12 month
diaper: size 3

Look how you've changed!


  1. Cute pictures! We've got to meet y'all sometime. Maybe the HP high school reunion in Austin? Anyways, Jake gets SO distracted while nursing, too. It's funny and sweet. :)

  2. Its so funny to read your monthly posts...Adelyn is SO similar!! Adelyn is distracted during nursing too...thank goodness we have quick eaters! ;)

    Hudson is just too sweet!! I love his overalls!!

  3. He is precious in those overall's..

    How do you put the pictures together at the bottom? Mine come out so huge..


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